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From both the glass fusing and glass blowing LJ began designing jewelry incorporating her glass cabochons and blown glass beads. This brought her deeper into the field of artisan designed and crafted jewelry. Her work is unique, unusual, stunning and definitely one-of-a-kind. Eventually her work in jewelry design led her into metalsmithing and enamel work. All of this can be seen in her various pieces.

All of the jewelry by LJ Rosen is hand crafted and made from the finest metals, precious and semi-precious stones available. All the pieces are one-of-a-kind, so when you buy one of LJ's designs you can be assured that you will not see yourself walking down the street. Her works fall into two main categories:

The Essential line is composed of elegant and affordable pieces that you can wear in your everyday life; to work, the PTA or just grocery shopping. In this day when value for your dollar is on everyone's mind, you can still afford an artisan crafted piece of jewelry.

All the pieces in the Designer line are crafted to be the most unique and unusual standout pieces. These are the pieces you acquire for those outfits or occasions where an extraordinary piece of jewelry is demanded. Each hand designed and crafted piece is made to complement the wearer and be a conversation starter each time it is worn.