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LJ Rosen was bitten by the art bug at an early age. One of her first pieces was when she drew with her fingernail in the beige margins of the flowered wallpaper in her bedroom. She is a natural and mostly self-taught artist. She is known for her varied range of artistic accomplishments in sculpture, painting, glass art and artisan jewelry. All of her work is hand fabricated and produced either as one-of-a-kind originals or in small limited editions.

When asked about how she works LJ had this to say, "I usually do not plan out my pieces ahead of time. I just work directly in the metal or glass. Sometimes I have a preformed idea of what I want but many times the piece evolves during construction. Many of my necklace pieces are formed around a main cabochon of glass and it is this cabochon that drives the piece and I work to frame it, not to make it fit a pre-formed design. Even for my customers ordering a custom piece there is no drawing or definite design, usually they want me to make a one off piece to go with a dress or outfit for a special occasion. What evolves is a piece that stands out beautifully on its own, is enhanced by and enhances the clothing as well as sets off the wearer."

LJ's artwork and jewelry are in the following collections:

J. Bell, Canada
K. Marsh, USA
G. Bertolino, USA
G. Schwartz, USA
G. Fischman, USA
     K. Harmon, Spain
     C. Dettner, USA
     D. Dubin, USA
     J. Lewis, USA
     G. Saunders, USA
     A. Ciganero, USA
     P. Hansen, USA
     M. McCracken, USA
     R. Pierce, USA
     V. Margo, USA
     N. Harte, USA
     B. Meyer, USA